Our team truly believes that the ENVOL solution will fuel the NewSpace economy. An economy propelled by the rise of the private spaceflight industry and the increasing demand for low-cost and flexible launchers. The heart of our solution is a green propellant system and a highly efficient microlauncher – enabling affordable, reliable and agile launch campaigns.

European NewSpace Vertical Orbital Launcher

will develop a low-cost, green launch system to provide Europe with reliable, timely and frequent launches: lift-off 2024.

Why we need Envol



We are at a turning point in the history of space exploration. New industries are being born that use space data in many different ways. Increased competition and new capabilities are transforming the market place. But we are at a crossroads.


Currently, many small satellite space missions have to hitch a ride on a big rocket and it may not take them exactly where they need to be – similar to riding the bus, which doesn’t often drop you in the exaction location, facing your desired destination.


People are looking to the emergence of dedicated, reliable small launch vehicles. When they come online, everything opens up – the perfect orbit and inclination each time. It’ll be just like opening your Uber app, leaving from your blue dot and arriving at your final destination ready for action.

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ENVOL will provide Europe’s NewSpace economy and startups with reliable, flexible, green access to space, to drop them exactly where they need to be, when they need to be there.


Remember when offices were filled with desktop computers? And mobile phones could only be used in cars? Thanks to the continuous miniaturisation of technology, devices everywhere are decreasing in size, while increasing in performance and power. Well, a very similar trend is taking-off in space. Satellites are becoming smaller, while their applications are becoming ever more complex: delivering data, telecommunications and monitoring capabilities to the world below. Small satellites are a key element to modern space capabilities. And when ENVOL take Europe will be the first with a dedicated, low-cost, green launcher offering small sats a reliable path to orbit.

Small satellites are a key element to modern space capabilities.


Develop and build the first hybrid powered launch system

Provide low-cost, reliable, flexible and frequent access to space for small satellites

Accelerate the growth of the European NewSpace economy